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How was your experience in looking for a wedding dress? Did look at lots of different designs/ places?
I personally had been dreading the dress element of wedding planning. I found the whole idea quite overwhelming and until I met Keely I had found the people who deal with wedding dresses quite fake and over the top. I probably went to every shop in London and spoke to multiple bespoke designers, Keely stood out a mile, calm, considerate and excited by the possibility of creating something new. Her studio is lovely and her manner puts you totally at ease, she’s the polar opposite of a pushy sales girl and I really appreciated her approach to the first appointment we had and all the subsequent ones. 

What attracted you to come to Luna Bride?

The ethos of the brand. It was the first website I’d found that did ethical and organic dresses, considering the sheer cost of most dresses and the knowledge that I would only realistically wear it for eight hours, I was keen to put my money into a brand that deserved it. I also loved that there was an option to have a bespoke dress because I hadn’t found anything in any shops that suited me or fitted without needing a huge amount of alterations. The only thing I had always known I wanted was pockets, Keely had said she loved this idea from our first meeting so in conjunction with everything else this totally clinched it!

Which dress did you go for and how was the process from choosing to receiving your final dress? 

In the end Keely made me a bespoke dress that was two outfits in one. The dress itself had a high low hem with a low back and the. a tulle skirt with the finest polka dot pattern to go over the top. This meant that I could have quite a romantic bridal style for the ceremony and then a more modern look for the evening. We had a ceilidh and it was really important for me to feel comfortable and able to dance without the dress inhibiting me in any way so the high low hem was perfect. The dress was lined with peace silk which felt incredible on my skin and although my train was relatively long it didn’t feel heavy at all. Keely is utterly brilliant during appointments, nothing is ever a problem and every little detail is considered. Any ideas I had were always listened to and Keely gives valuable advice, she is so invested and I truly felt like the creation of my dress was a fun collaboration. 


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How did you choose your wedding venue, photographer e.t.c.?

We went to multiple venues and found even the most gorgeous of settings a little bit ‘corporate’ in their approach to weddings. As soon as we drove through the gates of Newburgh Priory we both just knew it was the place for us. There is a distinct sense of tranquility and privacy that descends when you enter the grounds and the views across the lake are stunning, we instantly just loved the setting. Choosing the photographer was slightly harder as we aren’t comfortable being photographed so we really wanted someone who would leave us to our day and document it without choreographing or staging it in any way. Neil Jackson was exactly what we wanted, I have no idea how he managed it but he captured the emotion and atmosphere of the day so perfectly and never once diverted us from the fun we were having or spending time with our guests. Poppy Catering and Marquees did our marquee and food and they are incredible. As a notorious perfectionist I almost met my match with Simon, he has brilliant attention to detail and our day ran without one single hitch because the Poppy staff were so attentive and professional.  

Do you have any top tips for other bride to be's on leading up to their wedding?

Do not restrict yourself in any way, if you need a glass of wine the size of Asia just drink it. 

What was the reaction to the dress?

Unbelievable. It’s not unusual to have wedding guests comment on the brides dress but the way people talked about my Luna dress really touched me. Everyone said I looked totally like myself and that the fabric and fit were exquisite. The evening version of the dress was particularly popular as people thought it was a very chic way to transition from the day and they loved the pockets! 

Tell us about your wedding day?

Our ceremony was small and very personal with readings read by and written by our relatives and a song performed by Alfie’s sister. We were so lucky with the weather, the rain stopped as soon as we left the ceremony so we had our drinks reception in the beautiful walled garden. Our marquee was in the Priory ruins, a rectangle section of the original structure that has no roof, it seemed only right to have a clear marquee so it felt like we were sitting in the ruins themselves and seeing the stars through the ceiling at night was magical. After the wedding breakfast and speeches we had a ceilidh which was the most fantastic fun, everyone got stuck in and it was the best feeling to see everyone whirling around together. Following the ceilidh we had created a playlist with song choices from our friends and family, pizza and chips were handed out and we ate our wedding cake which was made from wheels of cheeses. No one can prepare you for how fun your wedding day will be, I don’t think I stopped smiling for a single second and I am so thankful to Keely for making my dress. 


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