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Luna Real Brides - Beth

Real Luna Bride - Beth

How was your experience in looking for a wedding dress? Did look at lots of different designs/ places?
My experience of looking for a wedding dress was exciting but a bit frustrating. I visited a bridal shop and this was helpful for working out what style I would like. However, I didn't want my dress to be made in China and shipped back to England. Therefore, I was really looking for someone who would make the dress here in the UK.
What attracted you to come to Luna Bride?
I was first attracted to Luna Bride by the simple but beautiful styles of the dresses, and I really liked the different materials used. I was drawn to visit Luna Bride as I was excited to try the dress on and discuss how it may be made or customised.

Newly weds
Which dress did you go for and how was the process from choosing to receiving your final dress?
I knew immediately that I loved the Beach dress the most and that, if I could have the neckline customised, it would be my dream dress! Keely was really open to altering the design and listened to my wishes carefully. I then anticipated the dress being created and was overjoyed to receive the final product. Minor alterations were made before a final fitting, so I was confident it would fit well on the day.
How did you choose your wedding venue, photographer e.t.c.?
I imagined a village hall wedding reception so my parents looked round lots of the village halls in the area and found one which was big enough for all the guests, was in a lovely village and had a big village green. Our photographer was someone I'd met and heard good things about. We wanted to have Nigerian food at the reception so found a caterer who was local to our area. Our evening band was made up of musician friends who played Motown and jazz which was great.
Village hall wedding
Do you have any top tips for other bride to be's on leading up to their wedding?
Talk about everything with your fiance and family. Remember that you can't please everyone and that's okay. I'd say don't stress over the little things but be encouraged that people do appreciate the love and care you put into them.
What was the reaction to the dress?
My husband loved it, lots of people said how 'me' it was and I had lots of lovely comments.
Luna Bride and bridesmaids
Tell us about your wedding day?
It was so special to have so many of our friends and family together in one place, to celebrate the start of our marriage. The service was so joyful and a real celebration with lots of singing and dancing. Although there was a bit of rain, we enjoyed taking photos in beautiful surroundings and were thankful that the sunshine came out in the afternoon. The dinner and speeches were emotional and hilarious and I have such found memories of conversations with friends, new and old. My favourite parts of the day were the times just me and Gideon - the photo's, going for a walk together, our first dance. It was a joy to wear my beautiful Luna bride dress for that day and I will always remember it and smile.
 Luna Bride - walking down the isle


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