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Luna Real Brides - Nanako


Luna Bride - Real Brides - Harrogate, UK


How was your experience in looking for a wedding dress? Did you look at lots of different designs/ places?
It was like finding myself. I tried about 15 dresses at four local bridal stores but I was never intrigued by any of them. Whenever I wore a dress and looked at myself in the mirror, I felt something is different…
But once I tried Lolita dress, I could not help smiling and feeling this is the right one, this is SO me! I knew it immediately - this will be my dress. 


What attracted you to come to Luna Bride?
Since my dress hunting wasn’t that successful in the beginning, I asked my friend who had her wedding last year for tips, and she suggested I check Etsy. Among millions of bridal stores in Etsy, I found Luna Bride and fell in love with photos of the beautiful Lolita dress. I was looking for a separate type, and the Lolita dress was exactly what I was looking for.


Which dress did you go for and how was the process from choosing to receiving your final dress?
I tried Beach and Lolita at my home. As my wedding was not traditional, but more modern and international, I was not particularly looking for something princessy with a long trail. The dress collection of Luna Bride was perfect for the type of wedding I had. Both Beach and Lolita looked summery, elegant and perfect for the garden wedding, but I fell in love with Lolita at first sight. I was also surprised how comfortable to wear that dress, too. You may think you would suffocate if you wear a mermaid type skirt, but the cloth used in Lolita is surprisingly soft and doesn’t squeeze your body at all.
Keely is very professional and responded to address any minor questions I had. She also gave me advice on a tiara to coordinate, which was really helpful. Although I didn’t have a chance to visit her boutique in England, I somehow had no worries about my final dress. In fact, I just needed to cut a bit of the hem and that was all I needed for the final adjustment.


How did you choose your wedding venue, photographer e.t.c.?
Through searching some probable venues in my husband’s home country, we came across someone’s blog article on the venue we used. The whole place looked very beautiful, so we immediately contacted the venue for booking. Then we visited the place and talked to its owner, both of us were fully convinced that it would be a very nice wedding – and indeed it turned to reality!
For a photographer and a videographer, I found them on Instagram. My husband is a professional cameraman, so I also asked him for advice on finding a good photographer and videographer by seeing their Instagram photos and movies. There are millions of Instagram accounts of wedding photo/videography, so you will definitely find someone very professional working in your region. 


Do you have any top tips for other bride to be's on leading up to their wedding?
Hire a local wedding planner and trust him/her as much as possible! Although my wedding was a relatively small one with about 30 guests, I can’t imagine myself having that lovely wedding without our wedding planner’s help. I could enjoy every single process of the wedding preparation and I think it was huge because our wedding planner was very professional and helpful. As our wedding planner and we live in different countries, we had to communicate remotely with email and calls. Frankly speaking, our email exchanges made me nervous a bit and sometimes felt the need for face-to-face communications. But, as a result, everything went well!


What was the reaction to the dress?
Beautiful, summery and very me :) 


Tell us about your wedding day?
Our wedding day is something we cannot express in words... It was way more beautiful and touching than we expected. I was really happy to share such a wonderful day with my beloved people. 


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MUA - Lubica Krajakova 
Photography - Kudivani photography.


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