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Luna Real Brides - Leah

How was your experience in looking for a wedding dress? Did look at lots of different designs/ places?

My main inspirations were Pinterest and Etsy. At first I thought I was going to go for a simple short dress but the more I looked and the more different designs I saw, I realised I wanted something a bit more special. I went to one other designer before I found Luna bride and tried on some lovely dresses but none of them were quite what I wanted - it made me realise that I really wanted a two-piece dress!

What attracted you to come to Luna Bride?

I’d seen the Lolita gown on Pinterest and when I realised it was for sale on Etsy and it was within my budget I couldn’t believe it! It was the design that attracted me initially, but when I found out it was also organic cotton and could be customised however I wanted, I was sold straight away.

Which dress did you go for and how was the process from choosing to receiving your final dress? 

I went for the Lolita two piece and had it customised with longer sleeves and buttons down the back of the top. It was all so simple - I knew that was the one I wanted so when I got to the studio it was the only one I tried! I went back 6 months later for the final fitting and after a few last minute alterations took it home with me the same day! 

How did you choose your wedding venue, photographer e.t.c.?

We really wanted our wedding to be as simple and personal as possible - more like a big party for our loved ones than a formal wedding. We got married down the road from where we live in Walthamstow, London and my friend took the photos. We didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen - just my niece and nephew as flower people. We also had a big Indian buffet so didn’t have to worry about a seating plan or table settings which saved a lot of time and money! Our most expensive purchase was the band - we had an 8 piece band with a brass section - but it was so worth it!

Do you have any top tips for other bride to be's on leading up to their wedding?

I suppose just make sure you’re doing what you want for your day and not being swayed by what family members or friends might be expecting. We had everything exactly as we wanted and people commented that it felt really relaxed and genuine.

What was the reaction to the dress?

Everyone was very complimentary and said that it was very ‘me’! I think the best thing about it was that it was unique but classic at the same time - I know it won’t look dated when I look back on photos of it in the future.


Tell us about your wedding day?

We had our ceremony with 70 people at a little museum in Walthamstow village which has lovely gardens that we could have a few drinks and nibbles in afterwards. It was all really informal and our friends were the ones handing out all the drinks and canapés. Then (just before a huge thunderstorm) we walked down the road to the party venue where we had an Indian buffet (my favourite!) and an incredible band played until midnight. For the party there were about 140 guests and the venue staff said it was the rowdiest wedding they’d had for a while - oops! Our flowers were from Grace and Thorn in Hackney - I just ordered their ‘ready to wear’ wedding flowers and they were absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Our cake was a chocolate tiered one from Waitrose but we were having such a good time we forgot to get it out of the fridge until 11pm!!


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